Online teaching
Online teaching | more info
Conduct online meetings and webinars using Zoom
To the tool | Instruction | More information | Deletion management
Record your lectures (at home or in the lecture hall), and edit and manage recordings with Panopto
To the tool | Instructions for Installation and Use | Instructions for Use in the Lecure Hall | Deletion management

Learning platforms and online courses
Use ADAM, the learning platform of the University of Basel | More information Fact sheet ADAM items | To the tool | Deletion management
Key texts for the respective semester for ADAM on DigiLit | To the tool

Evaluate, examine and vote
Evaluate courses using EvaSys | Flyer 
Create and evaluate online surveys using ADAM or EvaSys | Flyer 
Detect plagiarism using Turnitin | more info
Prepare and evaluate examinations electronically using EvaExam | Flyer | To the tool | Deletion management
Let students vote in the lecture hall using KlickerUZH | To the tool
Conduct live polls within lectures or seminars using ADAM, Zoom or KlickerUZH | Decision support

Video annotation
Annotate videos with TRAVIS GO | Flyer | To the tool

Research and publication
Reference management programs | More information
Research in catalogs, online databases, etc. with the research tools of the University Library  | More information
Find knowledge organisation systems on BARTOC | To the tool

Student administration and rooms
Register for courses and administer the study course using Online-Services/MOnA
To the tool | More information
Administer courses and assess performances using Online-Services
To the tool | More information
Book teaching rooms using RauminfoTo the tool

Secure exchange of data



Exchange large data files using SWITCHfilesender | To the tool | Flyer 
Use the secure cloud service for Swiss universities, SWITCHdrive | To the tool | Flyer

Internet and access
Connect to the internet everywhere at the university of Basel via Wi-Fi | Flyer | To the tool
Access the internet at universities worldwide with Eduroam | To the tool
Access the online rescources of Swiss universities using AAI | FlyerTo the tool
Access the network of the University of Basel over VPN | Flyer | To the tool

Further information and support

For further information about these EduTools please contact, or for technical support.
For software installation on your computer please contact your department's respective CV (Computerverantwortliche) List of CVs.