Overview EduTools 

Online teaching
Online teaching | more info
Conduct online meetings and webinars using Zoom
To the tool | Instruction | More information | Deletion management
Record your lectures (at home or in the lecture hall), and edit and manage recordings with Panopto
To the tool | Instructions for Installation and Use | Instructions for Use in the Lecure Hall | Deletion management

Learning platforms and online courses
Use ADAM, the learning platform of the University of Basel | More information Fact sheet ADAM items | To the tool | Deletion management
Key texts for the respective semester for ADAM on DigiLit | To the tool

Evaluate, examine and vote
Evaluate courses using EvaSys | Flyer 
Create and evaluate online surveys using ADAM or EvaSys | Flyer 
Detect plagiarism using Turnitin | more info
Prepare and evaluate examinations electronically using EvaExam | Flyer | To the tool | Deletion management
Let students vote in the lecture hall using KlickerUZH | To the tool
Conduct live polls within lectures or seminars using ADAM, Zoom or KlickerUZH | Decision support

Video annotation
Annotate videos with TRAVIS GO | Flyer | To the tool

Research and publication
Reference management programs | More information
Research in catalogs, online databases, etc. with the research tools of the University Library  | More information
Find knowledge organisation systems on BARTOC | To the tool

Student administration and rooms
Register for courses and administer the study course using Online-Services/MOnA
To the tool | More information
Administer courses and assess performances using Online-Services
To the tool | More information
Book teaching rooms using RauminfoTo the tool

Secure exchange of data



Exchange large data files using SWITCHfilesender | To the tool | Flyer 
Use the secure cloud service for Swiss universities, SWITCHdrive | To the tool | Flyer

Internet and access
Connect to the internet everywhere at the university of Basel via Wi-Fi | Flyer | To the tool
Access the internet at universities worldwide with Eduroam | To the tool
Access the online rescources of Swiss universities using AAI | FlyerTo the tool
Access the network of the University of Basel over VPN | Flyer | To the tool

Further information and support

For further information about these EduTools please contact bbit@unibas.ch, or support-its@clutterunibas.ch for technical support.
For software installation on your computer please contact your department's respective CV (Computerverantwortliche) List of CVs.